Almudena Fernández de Córdoba

Born in Madrid in 1971, she graduated in architecture in 1997, but she has never stopped studying, learning and evolving in a profession for which she has always had a real passion and an authentic vocation.

Specialised in the construction of luxury apartment blocks, the basis of her architectural concept is elegance and the need to achieve it through line and shape simplicity.

The elevations of her buildings are remarkable for their great plastic force, never in conflict with the functionality which is necessary to obtain the feeling of comfort, harmony and wellbeing which this architect seeks in all her works.

She loves modern and minimalist designs and her style, like architecture itself, is in continuous evolution, since she is always open to letting herself be influenced by the ideas and the constructive solutions she finds in her numerous trips all over the world.

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C/ Las Matas 37, 2ºA · 28039 Madrid | Tfno: (+34) 610 20 40 17

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